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The Overland Gallery can be reached at 815-374-3003 or email us to make an appointment. Make a day of it - have lunch or dinner at the Terrace Grill and a visit to the gallery and the Artisan Market.

marybeth bellon overland galleryMary Beth Bellon is the Director of the Overland Gallery. A community gallery representing the Starline Artists and Artists from Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Her studio is located in the back of the Gallery. Stop by and look at the art and chat with Mary Beth at the Overland Gallery.

Overland Gallery August/September Exhibit

Sybil Brauneis Klug   |   Sandra Fink May

Sybil KlugSybil Brauneis Klug is a Plein Air painter. Plein Air paintings, such as, SOARING, are done on site capturing the feeling of the day in a composition of the overall landscape or perhaps a single object. First, Sybil studies the scene before her, and does a quick sketch in her sketchbook to determine the value relationships and movement in the painting. Workjng directly on the canvas, she builds the composition starting with blocking in the values using a primary color. Plein Air paintings are created quickly because of the changing shadows.  

In my studio Sybil might 
Interpret a Plein Air painting, WILD PINES, 
based on the Plein Air painting TWO PINES, 
Create from a still life arrangement, GIFTS OF NATURE,
Work from my memory and photos from my travels ALONG THE CAMINO.


sybil2     mystical  


Image 2ORBS & LOST CITIES are the primary themes of my abstract  paintings on exhibit at the Overland Gallery. My artwork reflects my passion for travel and love of the beauty I find everywhere. You, as the viewer, complete my work by adding your own life experiences and interpretations. Thankyou for supporting the Arts. SFMay


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